Saturday, April 20, 2013

My all time favourite ads!

Bodyform – Whoooooaaaaaaaa – need I say more?

Salon Selectives – the 80’s was the decade of big hair!

Guinness – this ad scares me off Guinness

Renault Clio – Nicole???? Papa????

Carlsberg - Probably the best beer in the world

Wrigley’s – That memorable bus journey

Diet Coke – the best Diet Coke man ever in my opinion!

Lynx – do men really think the Lynx Effect works?

Nescafe Gold Blend – the best romance story of all time

Nike – I like the song more than the product

Milky Way – Making chocolate malty nougat macho 

Fudge – a finger of fudge might be enough for kids, I need 5 these days!

Powerade – just because...Josh Lewsey


Land Rover official supporters of  England Rugby – again just because...Josh Lewsey

1 comment:

  1. I remember matching the letters and numbers on the Salon Selectives shampoo & conditioner!