Saturday, April 6, 2013

'Red lipstick is the stiletto heel of make-up'

'Red lipstick is the stiletto heel of make-up,' says Terry Barber, director of make-up artistry at MAC. 

I love make-up but am not the most experimental. My day look is fairly natural with bronzer and pink blush, nude lips and black eyeliner with a flick.  But to make a statement I love bold lips but struggle to get the right balance. As a general rule you should either accentuate lips or eyes, however, it depends on the occasion.

Me working the red lipstick at a friends wedding.

I began my career as a beauty therapist and always had a personal interest in make-up. As I've got older I know the products and looks that suit me so stick to what I know. I often do make-up for friends weddings which is so enjoyable. It's great getting involved with the behind the scenes action and you usually get a 9am glass of champers for your efforts!

My favourite make-up artist is Lisa Eldridge, her looks are simple and achievable, elegant and classic. She has video tutorials on her website which are great, you can watch as she applies the make-up on her own skin, which is often more useful.

Sali Hughes is also another great advocate of all things hair and beauty. She's a writer first and foremost and covers a great variety of interesting topics. The Guardian have a YouTube channel featuring her video tutorials which is definitely worth checking out. 

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